Bring content and people together on a single private platform

Connect your people, members, and communities on your own powerful private platform and power-up engagememt with Pages, Groups and Workspaces.

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Instant set-up. Fast, simple & secure.

Hubl is fully secure, there’s no advertising and valuable user data is completely owned by you. So go on, go create your first Hubl Workspace now!

Step 1

Download Hubl

Step 2

Create a Workspace

Step 3

Invite members

Step 4

Create a post!

Powerful community building features

Hubl’s powerful features give you all the capability you need at your fingertips.

Unlimited Pages

Power-up engagement with personalised streams of content tailored to your audiences.

Unlimited Groups

Unite people and let them share updates, insights, files and collaborate on work, social or events.

Unlimited Workspaces

Create as many Workspaces as you need, invite users with invitations and manage them all in one place.

Direct messaging

Allow members to send private messages to other members within a Workspace.


Publish events to Pages or Groups and let users add them to their personal calendars or create their own.


Create instant Polls and get answers and feedback from your community.


Customise your own unique directories and add links to useful member resources.


Drive engagement with comments and threaded comments within Pages and Groups.


Allow users to bookmark and save important content for easy access and retrieval.



Allow members to share files, PDFs, photos and videos within Pages or Groups.

Push notifications


Send instant messages to individuals, Page or Group followers, or create unique custom groups.

Premium feeds


Power-up revenue with premium Page feeds where you can add content, video, files or unique Events.



Own and manage all of your members data in a secure GDPR compliant way.



Track vital user metrics. Measure engagement, get to know your audiences better and gain deeper insights.

Live streaming


Members or Administrators can set up one-to-one or Group video calls for team collaboration.

Branded App


Create fully-branded Workspaces with your own logo, colour palette and assets.


Power-up engagement with content filled Pages

Update and enagage your community with the latest information in seconds. Publish news, events, add premium content and so much more.

  • Create multiple pages for your members
  • Add your own unique content with ease
  • Power-up revenue with subscription-only Pages

Pages are a great way to create your news feed - a scrolling stream of posts, articles, events and polls that keeps your members up-to-date with the most important information. Think Facebook, but without the tracking or ads!

Create compelling content in just seconds

You can post messages in Pages, share links, files, photos, create an event, or even get useful feedback from member polls.

Multiple pages

Why have one, when you can create mutiple pages? Pages can be organised around topics, themes, teams, departments…just about anything.

Intuitive content search

With a tool like Hubl, your members can search for content across all your published Pages and retrieve useful information and updates fast.

Expand Hubl with multiple Pages and editors

Don’t want to create content yourself? Then add new editors and build up an ecosystem of feeds that serves your wider community.

File sharing


Allow editors to share files, PDFs, photos and videos within your published Pages.

Power-up revenue


Generate income by creating subscription-only pages that unlock exclusive content for members such as videos, training courses, insights or courses.


Connect people quickly and easily with Groups

Unite people with Groups and let them share updates, insights, files and collaborate on work or organise social activities.

  • Collaborate around projects, shared interests or social activities
  • Customise your Groups - open to all, closed or private
  • Send notifications to individuals or all Group members

Groups unite people around projects, shared interests or social activities. Any user can create a Group - promoting team collaboration and stronger engagement.

Collaborate with anyone, anytime

Tired of long email threads? Groups are a better way to hold real-time discussions, organise an event or conduct a quick poll.

Customise your Groups

You can name your Groups, make them open to everyone, invitation only, or private. You can even add mutiple editors to boost your content creation.

User-controlled Groups

Your members can also create their own groups and enjoy all the same features. Great for remote teams, social activities, study groups or shared interests.

Intuitive content search

With a tool like Hubl, your members can search for content within all open and closed Groups and quickly join the debate or get involved.

File sharing


Allow members to share files, PDFs, photos and videos within Groups.


The power of Workspaces

Manage your unique audiences on a single or multiple Workspaces, personalise content and grow your community exponentially.

  • Create unique Workspaces in seconds and invite your members with ease
  • Manage all your members and administrators from one easy-to-use console
  • Get powerful user insights and data

Hubl’s easy to use management console enables you to take control of your Workspaces, publish content, manage members and understand your community. You can control all aspects of your Hubl community from the console - but don’t worry, you can also manage most tasks from within the mobile app.

Hubl Console features

  • Content libraries
  • Workspace administration
  • Custom audiences
  • E-mail & Mobile Notifications
  • Member and admin profiles
  • User analytics

Create unique workspaces in seconds and invite your members with ease

Workspaces are where your members engage with your content and one another. How you organise your Workspaces is up to you - create one for your members, one for staff, or one for a project?

Manage all your members and administrators from one console

Within Hubl’s console you can manage all your users quickly and easily. Moderate user behaviour, add new adminstrators, grant content creation rights and much more.

User insights and analytics


With Hubl you can monitior your users’ activity in realtime across Pages and Groups to gauge the success of content, monitor engagement and even export key data to your CRM for powering-up your marketing.

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